towelsandhoneyOur purpose at pamper me is to offer products and services that promote a peaceful state of mind, body and soul.

We feel you deserve to be pampered. So much of your time is spent on taking care of others, you need someone to take care of you! That is what we specialize in. We offer Personalized Essential Retreats that give you a span of time where you are in a completely relaxing environment. No work, no deadlines, no kids, no traffic, no cell phones and no chores!

We also offer a variety of skin and bath products that are local and handmade. My grandma used to tell me to always wash my face with oatmeal, milk and honey. That started a need in me to create a gentle soap, made with glycerin, that included all of those ingredients. And so it began — Organic ground herbs, 100% pure organic essential oils and body beneficial ingredients such as real cocoa, oats, pureed fruits, milk and honey. We combine them with skin breathing oils such as sunflower, jojoba, coconut and almond. We take the very best that nature has to offer and create products that will love your skin and that you will love to use!

Our herbal remedies are made with the back-to-basics ingredients of yesteryear. Dead sea salts, organic herbs and whole food fragrance extracts all make our products something that would make previous generations proud. Remember when grandma used to cure whatever ailed you with her "kitchen prescriptions"? They worked then and they work now. Some of our herbal remedies are newly created and some have been passed down for many years.

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